Highlights of Summer 2016

I was so looking forward to my summer holiday this year. It was very busy at work the last few months so I was in need of a holiday. I was off three weeks and it was wonderful to have such a long break from work. My holiday started with a family visit. My mother’s cousin and his family visited us in our hometown. He lived in my hometown until the 70’s but moved away to a town which is 3 hours away from us. They have lost touch to each other for the last 15 years. In the beginning of 2016 they contacted each other again, thanks to Facebook! Everybody was happy and they planned a meeting for spring time. I was not able to meet them the first time because I was working but this time I was free to join them. At this time of the year there is a horticultural show in our town from April to October. Everything is about flowers, gardening, history, music, regional food and much more. There is an everyday program and lots of stuff happening in town. My mother and I have a season ticket so we can go as often as we like. We visited the show with our relatives and had a lot of exploring every inch of our hometown. It was lovely to get to know them and I hope we can see them again soon.

The second part of my holiday was all about motorsport. (That bit might only be interesting to Rebecca of The Brunettes Bookshelf :-D). My mother and I went with a group of friends (we were 8 in total) of us to Brno (Czech Republic) to see the best motorcycle riders of Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP racing. On Wednesday 17th August, we drove 7 hours to Zlobic√©, the village our hotel was. We stayed at a hotel which was about 60 km away from the racetrack. I was a lot of cheaper than it in Brno itself but unfortunately it was not the best idea. The hotel looked much better on the internet as it looked in real life. They had holiday apartment which were freshly renovated and others which were not. At least my mother and I got an apartment which was renovated but it was not very clean. Our friends were not that lucky; they have got an apartment which was not renovated. I wouldn’t have stayed there. It was horrible. It was even dirtier as our room, and a lot of more stuff which I don’t want to get into. This was the first and last time we stayed there.

Well, even though the accommodation was shit, we had loads of fun! On thursday we drove to Brno City Centre because there was held a Prevent on the Freedom Square. They were a program for 2 hours were you could see some drivers of all Moto classes, a stuntman and some mini bikers racing in a parkour. When the show was over we had a look around city which we thought was very lovely. From Friday to Sunday it was all about racing on the track. friday free practice, saturday qualifying and sunday race day. It was fantastic to see them racing. I wish I could go to more races during the seasin. The crowd was great too. I love how the cheer and totally get mad for their favorite driver. We were lucky with the weather most of the time. The sun was shining from thursday to saturday but on sunday it rained like hell. We were soaked after a short time.

In MotoGP it is almost impossible to meet any drivers without a paddock ticket. The paddock tickets are not affordable for “normal people” or you need “special contacts” to get those ticket. At Brno Circuit it is a bit different. To get to the paddock the drivers have to go through a part which is accessible for everyone so if you are lucky you are able to meet a few of them. During these days we were lucky to meet some drivers, take pictures with them, get autographs and actually talk to them. It was great! On Monday morning it was time to say goodbye. We will be back next year, already looking forward to it!

After 5 days of Czech Republic we got home, cleared out our suitcase and packed it new to go to Zandvoort (The Netherlands). The time in Czech Republic was brilliant but not really a holiday. You have to get up very early to go to the race track, walk a lot and feel totally exhausted when you get home. So the time in Zandvoort was much appreciated. Five days of summer, sun, beach and sea with relaxation and lots of time for reading. We rent a holiday apartment near the sea and only a few minutes’ walk to the train station. It was spacious, clean and had a lovely home decoration. I felt at right home there. Most of our time we spent by the beach, swimming and reading, going to dinner at any of the great restaurants by the sea. On our last day we went Amsterdam to have a stroll around the Jordaan Area, and the city center to see the Royal Palace. I fell in love with this city all over again. If you ever plan to visit Amsterdam: go for it! It’s worth it, you won’t be disappointed. Why have all good things come to an end? I was really sad when we had to leave on Monday morning to take our plane home. I enjoyed my holiday immensely and looking forward to my next travels.
What has also changed over the summer is that my blog has got a makeover. It was time for a change. I have set up the layout myself, with the header I've got a bit of help by Jen of MFD Design. Thank you so much! Let me know what do you think about the new design :-)

How was your summer holiday? Do you have nice things to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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