Discuss: Do you like to read and review new and fresh titles or a good oldie?

Do you prefer to read and review fresh and new or do you try and blend in the older titles?

I have thought about this topic since I decided to go back to book blogging. Before I decided to go on a break I found I am getting burned out on trying to keep up on reviewing the newest titles. So often, I was glued to a strict schedule centered on release dates that I have to push titles I want to read aside. Many times I have shelved books that are top rated because of commitments. I have decided that it is time I start mixing in the new with the old on my blog. I need to read some of these books that have been waiting in my To Be Read Pile for ages.

I don’t know how you feel about this but I get a little tired of reading reviews for the same book. It gets to the point where I see so many reviews on a new title that I lose a bit of interest. I understand that your blog gets a lot of attention / promotion if you read and review new titles or books which are not published yet. When a book is great it doesn’t matter if it’s newly published, a few months or a few years old, it deserved to be reviewed. Besides, we all don't want to keep reading reviews on just a few new releases, right? There are other bloggers who have decided to catch up on their To Be Read piles, and I have enjoyed reading their reviews for older titles.

I am all for discovering a great book whether it is a new release or an older book. Reading time is too precious to be reading below-average books. It is always nice when I find a review for an older title that gets me excited to read the book because an older book can often be found at bargain book prices or checked out at the library without a long waiting list. I appreciate the blogs that tend to review books that are a little less mainstream, that I way I can find some books that I likely wouldn't have stumbled across otherwise.

So here on Dreaming with Open Eyes, expect to see a more varied blend of books. I will be focusing on clearing out the old TBR and reading some of my ARCs. I will still feature newer titles but plan on finding some older gems as well.

What about you, do you get tired of reading reviews over and over for the hot new releases?
Are you looking to find a few great older titles? Let me know your thoughts!

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