Dreaming With Open Eyes is taking a break

 Dear wonderful readers of Dreaming With Open Eyes,
I'll make this short and simple. I'm going to take a break of book blogging. You may have noticed my blog got more and more quite the past few weeks. I'm in the final year of my apprenticeship as a media designer and my final exams are ahead. I’ve decided it would be a good idea to step back and take a hiatus. I need to study hard to achieve a good result. This is my only chance and I can't mess it up.  No matter how much I love book blogging, I need to step back and return to reality. Taking a break does not mean I am completely gone. I'll be on Twitter from time to time to check how you are all doing. I don't want to loose touch with you completely. I will keep reading but not as much as I used to and will leave ratings and mini reviews on Goodreads. I will surely miss the bloggersphere, posting blog posts each day and all but I also feel good about my decision to take a break for a few weeks. Hopefully everything goes well. 
I’ll see you all in June! x

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