Flashback 2016: Travelling to Hamburg


I’ve been enjoying some time on the road this year. Hamburg was another place to visit on my bucket list. It was on of my favourite trips, thats why I want to tell you about it. Anyway, it was quite a spontaneous desicion. Before the year is about to end I needed to plan a few days I take off before the Christmas holidays starts, otherwise my unused holiday days will be lost if I do not take them until the end of 2016. So I talked to my best friend, who recently finished her studies and enjoys some free time at the moment before she will start working as a teacher next year. We both ever dreamed of going to Hamburg to see the Lions King Musical. So why not do it now? Hell yeah, yes! We planned everything we needed within two weeks.

Our trip started on 1st November in Stuttgart. We took the train from there to Hamburg. It was not a direct connection, we had to change the trains in Frankfurt am Main. Without any delays we had arrived in Hamburg without in the late afternoon. Our hotel was only a few minutes walk away from the central station. We checked in, refreshed ourself and made a move to the harbour. It is the pulse of the city, the one that brought Hamburg to wealth and prosperity. That which started out as a small basin within the city, is now Europe’s second largest sea port! We decided to take a tour of the harbor by boat. I was totally facinated by that beautiful view with all those ships, the containers and the river. Here are a few impressions:

As we were wandering around the harbor we stopped for dinner at Blockbräu, a nice two level brew house in the German tradition. Attracted by the location on the Elbe and the fact that this place brews its own beer with the attractive vats dominating the restaurant, we enjoyed an evening of german traditional food and locally brewed beer. Of course it's a bit touristy but it's worth a visit. After admiring the copper kettles and beer tanks, we made your way up to the roof terrace where we had an excellent view over the harbour area. We decided not to take the train back to thr central station, instead we walked all the way back to the hotel (about 45 minutes) so we enjoyed the night atmosphere in Hamburg and wandering around the city.

The next day we had some more time to discover the city before we had to get ready for The Lion King. We started early in the morning with a bus tour through Hamburg to see as many places as possible. We visited places as such as the Warehouse District, the spice museum, the town hall, a coffee roastery, and my favourite was The ‘Michel’, a beautiful neo baroque church. It is said to be northern Germany’s most beautiful church. Its wide open and light interior, 4 organs and an impressive acoustics makes it a great location for classical music. We went up the tower and enjoyed a 360 ° view of the city. Then it was about time to go back to the hotel and get ready for the Lion King Musical. Seeing this Musical was a dream come too. I lost the count of how many times I have seen and listend to this movie as kid and as well as an adult. It is my all time favourite!

I loved every minute of it! It was as a great show. My favorite things were not only the impressive costumes but also how the play was creating a connection between the audience and the actors. Especially the first scene was super catchy and directly took you in some kind of feeling of joy. The stage setting is simple, the costumes elaborate, the performers impressive and the songs a good mix of those we know and love and an extra few that fit quite well. The cherry on top is the location across the Harbour - the shuttle boat ride offers the perfect view!

The follwing day it was already time to say goodbye to Hamburg. Time went by super quickly and I was sad to we had to leave already. It was an amazing experience all in all. I can't wait to be back!

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