It’s time to be happy again: Resolutions for 2015

I did not intend to write to this blog post but somehow Rebecca of Brunette Lifestyle inspired me to do it. I’ve read her wonderful post about confidence. She has been so honest with herself and to all blogger friends, I really admired that. I think she has a kick ass personality and I am happy for her that she changed her life for the better. This is what I am going to talk about. Change. There are lot things in my life I want to change but never had the strength or courage to do it. It’s time to put myself together because I want to be happy again and enjoy life to the fullest. 

Maybe you’re asking yourself why I am sharing this with you. For one reason I want to mix the posts on my blog more often. From now and then I’d like to share something personal with all of you. This post hopefully will help and encourage me to fulfil my hopes and dreams. I’m sure there is going to be a moment in the next few months when all is getting too much and I want to give up about everything I’ve written here. Then I want to back look at this post and remember what I am fighting for.

Get my driving licence

For many people it seems like the most ordinary thing in the world but it’s not for me. The main reason I did not do it when I turned 18 was because I did not had the money. In Germany it’s common that parents or grandparents are paying for the licence but my family never had that much money. I need to save up my own money to pay for my licence (which I did by now). I did get on well without a licence so far. I do have a good public transport to work, vocational school and into town as well. Although I’m limited with my choices and travels. Luckily my mom always had been there for me when I needed her. I don’t have a problem to climb into a car with someone who will to drive me somewhere. However, when I think about to drive myself, it just horrifies me. That’s another reason I’ve always pushed this topic away from me. I still not feel I’m ready for it but it’s about time. No more excuses, just do it! So many people done it as well so I can do it too.

Loosing weight

That is the most difficult topic to talk about. I have been struggeling with my weight all my life. I lost my dad when I was very young and that might be the cause why I became the person I am now. It had a lot of negativ impacts in my life, starting from bullying in secondary school. It was tough but I got over it. I tried all kinds off diets but there were all not for me and I gave up too easily. The only thing that would work for me is a lot of sport and no more carbohydrates. The problem is I love food, especcially everything with carbohydrates. It's like a drug to me. Everyone who tried to quit smoking knows what I mean. I have treadmill at home but often I can't get myself to go on it. How can you resist your compfy bed and a good book? I'm just too lazy. I’ve been saying for years that I’m going to lose weight. I am not happy with myself anymore. I can't look in the mirror anymore and be happy. I wish I could join the gym but it's far too expensive and without a driving licence too difficult to arrive at. Also I'd not feel very comfortable to go there alone, if someone would join me that be so much more fun. Although it's like now or never situation. I need to put my books down and get on the move. I want to be healty. Even it's just twice a week on the treadmill and a change of my eating habbits, it's a start.

To end this part of the solution I want to take the opportunity to say someone how much I admire her for being so strong and live a healty lifestyle and working out like a rockstar. It's you, Aven Ellis. I never told you but it's true. I love you for writing such amazing stories and making my life better for a few hours while I am reading them but for your endurance I appreciate you even more. I wish I'd be more like you.

Finish my traineeship as a media designer

I started my traineeship to become a media designer in 2012. The past three years went by flying. I'm glad I made this decision to go into the designer business. I love it and it's exactly what I want. The final exams are only four months away. I need to study hard to achieve a good result. Therefor my blog needs to take a backseat. There will be not as many reviews and features like it used to be from now on. I love blogging, sadly as you all know, it's so time consuming. I'm thinking about to put the blog on hiatus a couple of weeks before my final exam starts. As soon I am sure of this I'll let you know about it. I have to tell myself that my books won't run away. They will still be there when I'm done with my exams. Surely, it's going to be tough to miss so much in the community but blogging and reading is not everhing in life. I need to look after myself to be successfull in the future. In July everthing will be over and I will be free.

New features

To breath new life into my blog I want to think about new features and continue the old ones. One of them is Friends Friday. All these interviews are a winner. They are very popular and people seem to love them. I am so happy about this. Recently I had a new idea for a new feature. It will be about monthly favourites in my personal life in pictures. There will be topics like books, music, movies, food and much more. I am very looking forward to prepare these post and share them with you. First post is going live in the end of January or beginning of February.

Clearing my NetGalley shelf

Last year it was my goal to clear my NetGalley shelf. Unfortunately I failed. Although I am very close to it. I have five books left on the shelf and I did not request any books for a long time. So you see, I am goin in the right direction.

Book buying ban / say no to review copies

Since I started book blooging my unread pile of books I own went totally out of control. Shamefully, I have to admit I have about 130 unread books (66 paperbacks / 65 ebooks). Goodreads helps me to keep track of it. Seeing this numer makes me feel guilty. Buying books is like an addiction. Everytime I buy a new one I feel happy for a while but sooner or later I want to buy more and more. It needs to stop. There will be realeased a lot of brilliant books this year but as I said, they will not run away. Anyway, I know this is going to be almost unbearable so I made a little plan. For every 15 books I'm allowed to treat myself with a book, weather to buy one or accept a review copy or request one on NetGalley. Luckily I own many novellas ;-) It's all about strong will. If you believe in yourself you can do it and so will I.

If you're still reading down here. Thank you so much for reading this. I can't thank you enough. It really helped me to write this all down. It's kind of more offically now.

Can you relate to this post or do you we have any goals in common? Please let me know, we can discuss and support each other.

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