The Christmas Bucket List by Ella Fairlie

Name: The Christmas Bucket List
Author: Ella Fairlie
Format: ebook
Pages: 82 pages
Release date: 30th November 2014
Publisher: self-published


It’s Christmas time in London: there’s snow in the air, Regent Street is bustling, and the Trafalgar Square tree’s all a-glitter. Isobel Gray is dreaming of a perfect movie-style Christmas for her first Noël away from home, and with a hot man and a bucket list of festive fun ready to be ticked off, she thinks she has it all wrapped up. But when her boss-slash-boyfriend goes AWOL just days before the holiday, she finds herself a little Lost, Actually instead. Will she end up home alone, or is there a Christmas miracle waiting under the mistletoe?

My thoughts

I discovered The Christmas Bucket List on a book bloggers reading list on Goodreads. The cover intrigued me to find out more about the book. The book sounded lovely so I headed directly to Amazon. When I found out the book was free I just couldn't resist downloading it. I adore this gorgous cover as well! The first time I came across Ella Fairlie was when she published her first story Days of Mirical and Wonder in the second Sunlounger edition. Unfortunately I have not read it yet but I will. I knew when she is part of such a wonderful project and so many talented authors, she won't disappoint me. I was very looking forward to give this story a go.

Let me introduce Isobel Gray to you. She is a young woman from South Africa who moved to London. Isobel was always the good girl. The one who did eactly what was expected of her. Nobody knew that she was dreaming of a life of travel and excitement were she could be a different me. Everybody thought she was insane when she announced she is going to London. Nothing could stop her from it so she made her dream come true. After she moved to London she found a job in the fashion industry, working as a assistant for Brett Barter, Global Brand Development Manager. He's a talented, brillant, charasmatic and very, very sexy bad boy. They started a secret relationship. For months he had promised her a solid week of his time. A last minute deal came up and he needed to fly to Hong Kong and let her down at Christmas! Could she really be spending her first christmas in London completely alone? She doesen't want to miss a thing to have her very own magical christmas spirit, which is why she made a Chirstmas Bucket List. Filled with everything she needs to make the holiday perfect. That's the moment where Jamie, a work colleauge, enters the scene. Jamie offered showing her the real London and what a real british christmas is about. Will Isobel end up home alone, or is there a Christmas miracle waiting under the mistletoe?

The Christmas Bucket List is such a sweet story. This is a wonderful novella to sit and read in the cold December months when your Christmas tree is up, your fire is on and you’re all cosy in your house.

The characters are greatly written, they’re realistic and they are character you can grow to love and care about. The pace is lovely and smooth. Perfect for a novella like this. It's not that rushed that you get no detail, but it's not spoon fed to you either that's what makes it an enjoyable read. I very enjoy reading stories set in London around Christmas time. Ella created some truly magical scenes which made me dream even more about going there myself one day. Although there are a few things I have to be honest about. It's not the most original idea for a plot. The Bucket List is a great addition to the story but we read about the rest before. Sadly the story was too predictable for me. I could guess everything before it happend. Nonethenless, I think Ella is someone with a great talent. I very enjoyed her writing style which flowed very well and I could easily get into the story. The Christmas Bucket List has made me keen to seek out more by this author. I hope we will hear more of Ella Fairlie in the future.

If you’re looking for something to curl up with on your sofa that sparkles with its own light, The Christmas Bucket List is one of those novellas you must try. 

3.5 cupcakes for The Christmas Bucket List

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