You Had Me at Merlot: Part 3 by Lisa Dickenson

Name: You Had Me at Merlot: Part 3
Author: Lisa Dickenson
Format: ebook
Pages: 80 pages
Release date: 28th July 2014
Publisher: Sphere


Elle, determinedly single Elle, isn't used to waking up next to a boy. And she certainly isn't used to being engaged. Thanks to all the (delicious) chilli wine she consumed last night, Elle has no idea how she's managed to get herself into this situation. And as fond as she is of the man lying next to her, and no matter how happy he looks by this turn of events, getting married has never been part of Elle's plan. No way. All that romance stuff just isn't for her . . . right? But the combination of this lovely man, the incredibly romantic Italian countryside and the feel of the early morning sun on her skin is starting to have an effect on Elle. Maybe, just maybe, she's not as anti-love as she thought . . .

My thoughts

You Had Me at Merlot was published in four parts during July and August 2014.  

Release dates: Part 1 - 14th July, Part 2 - 21st July, Part 3 - 28th July, Part 4 - 4th August

It's been a while since I've read the second part of this hilarious series. I kind of missed Elle, Laurie and Jamie so I was even more happier when I finally found the time to continue the series.

You Had Me at Merlot: Part 3 begins where Part 2 left us. The story starts after a night of delicious italian wine, mis-understandings and marriage proposals. Elle wakes up next to Jamie the morning after. Things are hotting up from here. I'd love to tell you more but otherwise I'd spoilt it for you and I don't want to do that, right?

You Had Me at Merlot: Part 3 has everything I love about a short story – wonderful characters, a gorgeous setting and twists and turns. What I most enjoyed about this part is Donna and Elle break the barriers and open up to each other. Maybe they have much more in common than their work lives? The holiday gives Elle the chance to rest and think about her possibilities. Maybe she should overthink her commited life to work too? In this book there are a few characters named alongside Elle, they’re all really memorable and we learn just enough about them all individually. The strong development of several characters was something I found really impressive for such a short book. The guests of You Had Me at Merlot spent more and more time together. Friendships are forming and they stick toghether in a time of need.

This part also ends with a cliff hanger which leaves you high and dry. There is one particular new character on the scene at the end of the story which shook things up for Elle! You desperately want to jump in the fourth part and find out what happens next. I'm very looking forward to the grand finale. This series is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites. This is simply the perfect choice for your summer reading.

4.5 cupcakes for You Had Me at Merlot: Part 3

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