Friends Friday: Louise Wykes

Can you please introduce yourself to my readers.

Hello I am Louise and known on Twitter as @jaustenrulesok. I live in England with my husband and my 3 and half year old girl. Before I had Pippa I worked as a Legal Secretary for many years which was very interesting but I’m not sure I want to go back. I am considering a possible career change but not decided what yet. I adore books and chocolate nearly in equal measure and my favourite authors include Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Sophie Hannah, Joanne Harris and Dorothy Koomson.

Where is one place you want to visit that you haven't been before?

I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt and the pyramids, I find them fascinating and quite spooky, imagining all the people that have lived and died there and how they tried to preserve the mummies for the afterlife. And I think the pyramids themselves must be spectacular to see.

How did your passion for reading begin? Have you always been an avid reader?

My passion for reading began as soon as I learned to read! I am not sure where it came from as neither of my parents were or are massive readers but as soon as I discovered this magical world of words where I could escape to and learn from I just haven’t stopped! When I was younger and asked to choose between a new doll or a new book as a present, I always chose the book.

What classic books do you think have or haven't worked on the big screen?

My favourite adaptation of Pride and Prejudice is the BBC version with Colin Firth. As much as I enjoyed the big screen version with Keira Knightley, a 2 hour film just cannot do justice to one of my favourite books. The only film I preferred to the book is Bridget Jones where I think the film Bridget is far warmer and likeable than the book Bridget.

How did you get involved in the book blogger community?

I firstly joined Twitter and discovered a whole host of people who loved books as much as I did, then I got interacting with some of the bloggers and volunteered when Laura from She Loves to Read asked for help with guest reviewing and then I have guest reviewed for Sharon at Shaz’s Book Blog and Kelly at Compelling Reads so I was so lucky to have been asked to contribute to these wonderful blogs. 
Have you ever thought about starting your own blog?

I have considered it many, many times and people have said I should start my own blog. I guess I’m afraid of putting myself out there in the virtual world in my own right and have seen some things on Twitter which aren’t so great happening to bloggers which puts me off a little, though on the whole I have found everyone to be so helpful and friendly.

Do you think getting older has affected your reading habits?

Definitely! I certainly read less than I used to before having Pippa and I’m a lot tougher in that if I am not enjoying a book, I will leave it as time is too precious to waste on books that I don’t enjoy. Also I find I am reading a lot more contemporary work now, I studied Literature at Open University so have read a lot of the classics so it’s refreshing to discover all the fantastic modern work out now.

What does a book need to do/make you feel to make it into your favorites list?

Oh wow, that’s a difficult one as my favourites are so varied. I have to feel something for the main character, not necessarily like but I need to care what happens to them to keep reading their story. I want to wallow in beautiful descriptions of environment and character and I need to feel real love. Not necessarily romantic love but emotions that are powerful and life changing. I want to feel when I read the book either laughter or tears.

Have you ever made a TBR jar where you pick your books at random? Or used other creative ways to choose your next read?

I have seen these on Twitter and am attracted to the idea of making a TBR jar – in fact I have bought a jar ready I just haven’t got round to making a list of my TBR pile. It’s very large!! Otherwise in the past I have just closed my eyes and picked a book to read which isn’t that creative!

What are you most looking forward to reading next in your TBR pile?

I have the new Carole Matthews on pre-order The Christmas Party which I am looking forward to and I have the rest of the Gingerbread CafĂ© books to read by Rebecca Raisin which I’m also looking forward to as I adored the first one. Such a warm and magical world- I can’t wait to go back.
Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions Louise. It was great to have you on my blog! Who will be next? Come and see next friday.

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