Coming Home to You by Liesel Schmidt

Name: Coming Home to You
Format: ebook
Pages: 254 pages
Release date: 6th October 2014
Publisher: Carina UK


When one door closes…

Zoë and her fiancé Paul had everything ahead of them. So when Paul dies suddenly, Zoë doesn’t recognise the life she’s left with. Helping a friend by housesitting for a stranger is the last thing she wants to do – but she can’t deny that she needs time away from the memories which crowd her flat. So, collecting the keys, Zoë lets herself into her temporary home.

…another one opens.

Surrounded by a stranger’s belongings – his toothbrush, his favourite records, the pictures on his walls – Zoë begins to build a picture of the flat’s owner, Neil, who is away in the military. Driven by a need to know more, Zoë begins writing to Neil and finds herself feeling an unlikely connection with him. But while some people are destined to share our lives forever, others are sent simply to help us on the way. And for Zoë, a new life is just beginning…

My thoughts

I kindly received Coming Home to You in exchange of an honest review by the publisher via NetGalley.

The beginning of an engagement is filled with joy, dreams and plans for the future, the last thing one thinks of is that anything could bring that future to a screeching halt. When Paul, Zoë's finace, dies so suddenly, her world is crashing down. Emotionally devastated, her heart shredded, Zoë Tent sinks into a despair, unable to cope with the day to day tasks one takes for granted. In this difficult time, Zoë needs her family and friends more than ever. They stand by her but after nine moths of griefing they think it's time to move on. This seems impossible for Zoë, how can she ever let go of Paul?
Zoë's best friends, Kate and Ray can convince her to move out of her flat and help out a friend with houssitting wile he is gone for a few months. From now on we follow Zoë's journey back to a normal life. It's filled with drama, tears, secrets, dating and second chances. When Paul died Zoë thought she will be forever alone but maybe there is room for love again?

From page one, I was drawn into the novel. This fantastic debut novel is about much more than the loss of a loved one. It is a story of finding oneself in the midst of great tragedy and the overcoming of that grief only to find a new person, a new you, waiting on the other side. Zoë's experience is made into your experience as you watch her story unfold with mystery, suspense, and unexpected love. 

Coming Home to You, transported me right into the life of Zoë Trent. I felt the loss, joy, resentment, and excitement of every character in a story that will appeal to any reader. Coming Home to You deserves to be read by everyone. Its relatable story line and emotionally raw characters gave me a chance to escape from the busyness of everyday life and get lost in a great book with an outstanding style of writing. I would recommend this to any and everyone who appreciates a story that needs to be told.

I'm looking forward to more book releases of Liesel Schmidt in the future.

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  1. This sounds like a real tearjerker... I try to stay clear of those... but sometimes they just suck you in!!! Glad you enjoyed this one, your star rating icons are adorable. :)

    Sarah @ One Curvy Blogger


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