Tell Him About It by Holly Kinsella

Name: Tell Him About It
Author: Holly Kinsella
Format: paperback edition
Pages: 124 pages
Release date: 30th January 2014
Publisher: Endeavour Press


Sara Sharpe works in London as a publicity assistant for a major UK publisher. As well as being proficient in her professional life things may be deemed to be going well in her personal life too.

She has been in a relationship with the successful and charming Simon Keegan, a financial consultant, for the past six months. People keep telling her that they make a good couple. Good, but not great. When Simon jets off to New York on business Sara spends the week on a publicity tour with the enigmatic Adam Cooper, a thriller writer and the ex-husband of Victoria Glass, the celebrity socialite.

Being with Adam causes Sara to ask herself certain questions in regards to both her personal and professional life. How does she feel about Simon? And what will be her answer to the question he may pop when he gets back to London? And what of Adam? Is he too good to be true? Reports in the press from his ex-wife would suggest that he’s not all that he seems to be.

Sara Sharpe needs to find out about how she feels - and tell him about it.

My thoughts

Tell Him About It centers around Sara Sharp, who lives in London and works as a publicity assistant for, Bradley House, a major UK publisher. She loved reading books and whishing writing a book one day herself she decided she wanted to work in publishing. Six months ago Sara met Simon Keegan at a book launch.They are pretty much together since that day. She was happy with him but there was always a spark missing. They made a good couple but not a great one.

When Sara's boyfriend Simon jets off to New York for business meetings, Sara has been given the job to organize a publicitiy book tour for Adam Cooper, a bestseller thriller writer, to promote his new book Hidden Agenda. As she spents more and more time with Adam she starts to question her own relationship with Simon and maked her thinking about her life in general. She want more of her career and is rooting fore a fairytale ending in her love life. Whom will she end up with? Will she risk good for great?

Tell Him About It is the ultimative feel good read. A great novella to take to the beach with or to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. A perfect few hours of escapism. As I turned the last page, I had a smile on my face.

Sara is a great heroin. I could relate to her very easily and I was rooting for a all the way through the novella. There is a good mix of different secondary characters. Margaret Duvall, the evil boss, Simon, the dull boyfriend,  Rosie, a supporting best friend who she can hang out, drink wine, and eat loads of chocolates with.

As a book blogger, I very enjoyed reading about Sara's job being a publicity assistant and get a little insight in the publishing industry. Could you imagine anthing better as reading manuscripts, organize book sigining and author interviews?

There was one thing which was very bothering me. I spotted several grammar and writing mistakes. I wished the editor would have had a closer look at the story.

4 cupcakes for Tell Him About It
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  1. That looks like a sweet read, too bad there are a few mistakes, but sometimes the story is so good you can get past it...


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