Hopelessly Devoted to You by Jill Steeples

Name: Hopelessly Devoted to You
Author: Jill Steeples
Format: kindle edition
Pages: 304 pages
Release date: 14th August 2014
Publisher: Carina UK


Meet Ruby’s fiancĂ©, Finn. He’s gorgeous, thoughtful, successful and adoring – pretty much everything anyone could ever want in a man. In fact, he’s perfect. The catch? He’s just not perfect for her. But when Ruby finally plucks up the courage to come clean, Finn’s so furious that he misses his footing as he runs down the stairs – and suddenly, it’s not just his heart that’s broken!

When Finn wakes up, he can’t remember a thing. Not that Ruby dumped him – not even that they were ever engaged! It’s on the tip of Ruby’s tongue to come clean, but somehow, it never seems to be the right time... And as the weeks pass, she sees a new side to Finn. Arrogant and a shameless flirt, he’s irresistibly bad, and the chemistry between them is explosive!

It’s not that Ruby’s lying… she’s just withholding the truth. And seeing as things are going so well, perhaps there’s no need for Finn to have his memory jogged… The trouble is, there’s every chance that Finn might remember for himself!

My thoughts

I kindly received Hopelessly Devoted to You in exchange of an honest review by the author via Netgalley.

Carina has done another outstanding job with designing this beautiful cover.  I was actually blown away by this wonderful design. This is pretty much my favourite Carina cover ever. Jill can be so proud to have such a beautiful cover for her book.

Let's get going with the story. Ruby seems to have a perfect relationship with her boyfriend Finn. Finn is every womens dream. He is gorgeous, romantic, sensitive, and also a successful, good money earning lawyer. Just a few weeks from now on, they are getting married. Finn is doing everything to make Ruby happy but all this seems like not to be good enough for her, she wants to call the wedding off. When she finally spits the news to Finn he is shattered. Completely lost in his thoughts he misses the first step and runs down the stairs.

Finn woke up in the hospital after a few weeks in a coma. He remembers everything about his life. His parents, his friends, his work, just not Ruby, his fiance who he has been together with for more then ten years. Of course Finn also couldn't remember the events of the nights accident. Ruby sees no reason to fill him in what happend that night because she notice that things after the accident are going pretty well between them but Ruby lives every day with the fear he might remember it all by himself....

I was eagerly waiting for Jill Steeples new novel. She is an fantastic author and one of the kindest people I have met on Twitter too! When a copy finally landed on my kindle I was very excited to start reading  Hopelessly Devoted to You. When I turned the very first pages it made me extremely happy to see that I was quoted of my review for Let's Call The Whole Thing Off. Could it get any better? Unfortunately not. Things already ran pretty much downhill from here for me.

In my opinion a character is realsitic and believeable when you can relate to them. This was neither the case with Ruby nor with Finn. Meeting book characters for the first time is like meeting people in real life. You have your first impression, a feeling if you like them or not. Sometimes the first impression can be wrong but after reading more and more about Ruby and Finn it turned out I didn't like them. Rubys behaviour was unbelievable for me. How can you be together with someone for ten years and tell them just a few weeks before the wedding that you never loved them and it's over? I just wanted to shake her for her dishonesty, drove me insane with her indecisiveness. Also that she had not the guts to tell Finn the truth after the accident. He had the right to know it. Ruby has never loved Finn during the ten years they had been together and now all of the sudden she fells in love with him after the coma changed his character? This just not workes for me.

Finn was actually not too bad. He had his good moments. The sounded like a lovely guy and also like an keeper with his wonderful features before the accident. I couldn't understand why Ruby declined to walk down the aisle with him. I heard about poeple who fell into a coma, had a personality change after an heavy brain injury but Finns behaviour afer the accident was over the top for my liking.

An author cannot please every reader. No matter how much you love the author these things can happen. Sadly I was one of these readers with this book. If this had been the first novel I picked up by Steeples I wound't bother to pick up another one by her. Luckily I know what a wonderful and talented writer she is because her other novels are just fantastic and I loved them. Hopelessly Devoted to You was just not for me, sorry.

The book was not for me but I doesn't mean it's not for you. It's a gripping, page turner, a fast paced story a whirlwind releationship, falling in love and a discovery what is important in life.

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