Friends Friday: Sophie of Reviewed The Book

I’m very happy to welcome you on my blog! You can please introduce yourself to my readers

My honour to be here Isabell! Hi, I’m Sophie, a twenty year old Sports Journalism student from West Yorkshire, UK. I eat too much, tweet too much, talk too much and also read quite a bit (but not too much). I have an unhealthy nail polish addiction and I’m a massive hoarder. I also have a serious issue with people being in touching distance of my books but I’m not mad, honest.

Where do we find your blog and how long have you been blogging / reviewing?

My blog Reviewed the Book is over at . I hadn’t been a massive reader until a couple of years ago when I was introduced to Goodreads and found my love of reading. There, I started reviewing books all the time and on a whim, after following some gorgeous book blogs for a while, I made my own. So Reviewed the Book was created in September 2013 and since then, I’ve read and reviewed tons of mind-blowing, incredible books which I’m very grateful for.

Describe the place where you live

Okay so when I’m not staying in Leeds for University, I live in Bradford which if you’re from the UK, you’ve probably heard quite a bit of bad press about violence and crime etc in this area. I can’t say they’re not true since thugs forced us out of our old Bradford home but now I live in the more hidden part of Bradford and it’s a really lovely place to be. We’ve got gorgeous views and lots of peace and quiet since our house is away from any main roads. Plus, there’s a library really close by so I can’t lose.

Why did you choose to study sport journalism?

Well, I’ve loved sport for a long time and I was actually probably only about ten when I decided it was what I wanted to do. I used to state, proudly (and cringe worthily now), “I’ll be there reporting that someday” when watching any sports channels but people never understood why because they’d never really hear me talk about sport. But that was my driving point. I loved sport and wanted to talk about it but nobody I knew enjoyed it and so I kept it all to myself. Once I got to University, I loved how nobody talked about anything over than sport. So yeah, if any of you do watch sport on the TV, give me a few years and I’ll be reporting it to you ;)

What is your favourite sport?

It’s cruel to pick just one but football! I’ve watched it my whole life and after a few years of thinking, what is this monstrosity and why is it on TV ALL THE TIME, I then fell in love with it. I’m a Newcastle United fan so whilst I spend all week looking forward to the football, two hours later I’m cursing and hating football because we lost, again.

Who comes first in your life?

My mum. She’s the most beautiful, brave, inspiring and book-loving mum I could ask for and she’ll always come first. Illness means she’ll be taken away from me far too soon but I also know and appreciate that I’ve been lucky to have her in my life.

You win a million playing lotto. What would you do with it? Help/share with others?

Well I’d have to milk it for a little while wouldn’t I and pretend nobody else will ever get their hands on it….But money is not important to me – what you can do with it is. So I’d probably just share it with my friends and family so they could do boring but vital things like pay the bills. I’d also buy my parents’ house because I always promised them I’d do that but this way I wouldn’t need to marry a footballer and become a WAG to do so.

How important is a book title for you?

Ooh, great question. I love book titles. That moment when you’re reading a book and you spot the title or you find that one part that you think must have inspired the title is the best. But I don’t know how important it is to me when buying books? If it’s an author I already know and love, I’d buy it whatever it was called but I guess if it’s a new author, I’d go for something with a good title. So, it depends.

What are your thoughts on book trailers?

I love them but there just aren’t enough! Unless I just miss them? Saying that, I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book based on its trailer but I do like to watch them…

Last page: read first or wait till the end?

You can’t read the last page first!! That just defeats the purpose. If I catch any spoiler or even just one word when I’m checking the back to see how many pages there are, I hate it. I then spend the whole book waiting for that one thing I’m convinced is going to happen and I don’t enjoy the book half as much as I would have done before. 

What book did everyone like and you hated?

I can’t really think of any. I’m not that hard to please with books. I guess possibly Harry Potter since a million different people told me to read it so I bought the whole lot and couldn’t get into the first book at all.

Do you wish you could change anything in your life?

Oh I wish I could change pretty much everything. I was a fine believer in karma and ‘everything happens for a reason’ until I realised no, I didn’t deserve my life to fall to pieces like it has done in the last year. If there was one realistic thing I could change about my life, I would be more confident and have more self-belief because there’s so much I want to do in life that I haven’t allowed myself to do. But I’m only young so I’m hoping that will come.

Lastly, what do you like to do, when you are not reading?

When I am not reading?? Do people actually, stop reading?? I’m guessing tweeting about books doesn’t count… I suppose I do sometimes HAVE to shop and talk to these non-reading aliens I call friends. And watch bad TV. And all those boring things people who don’t read spend their lives doing. I’ve also written a book although you and your blog readers are the first people I’ve told that so there’s your exclusive ;) … I am allowed to pick up my book now though aren’t I?

Thank you so much for taking time to answer my questions Sophie. It was great to have you on my blog! Who will be next? Come and see next friday.

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  1. Great interview! I loved reading Sophie's replies!

  2. Great interview. I went onto Sophie's blog and I am unable to subscribe to it. I don't see a button or anything.

    1. Thank you. There's a few follow options on the side, bloglovin/email etc. Sorry you couldn't subscribe!


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