Deceive Me in Ireland by Whitney K.E.

Name: Deceive Me in Ireland
Author: Whitney K.E.
Format: kindle edition
Pages: 272 pages
Release date: 28th January 2014
Publisher:  Secret Cravings Publishing


Her cousin had warned her about the Irish charm and Cara had been foolish to ignore her. In Ireland to be Maid of Honour in Kate’s wedding, Cara hasn’t a clue that the handsome Irishman seated next to her on the plane is the infamous brother of her cousin’s fiancé.

And William O’Reilly doesn’t plan on telling her either.

Silver-tongued and devilishly handsome, William has Cara fighting a fierce attraction that threats to eliminate her prejudice towards him. Should she give him a chance or heed her cousin’s warning?

The same loveable characters from What Happens in Ireland come together once again in the fresh and humorous sequel, Deceive Me in Ireland. Like Kate Barrow, her cousin Cara discovers that resisting the charms of an Irishman isn’t as easy as it seems. As wicked as his brother, William’s determined to make Cara realize his worth. And her own.

My thoughts

I kindly received Deceive Me in Ireland in exchange of an honest review by the author.

Let's travel back to Ireland. The Land of leprechauns, shamrocks, breath-taking landscape and where the gras is green greener as anywhere else in the world.

Deceive Me in Ireland is the sequel to What happens in Ireland. I was blown away by Whitney's debut novel. I truly loved it. You can read my review here. By that fact I couldn't wait to get a copy of this in my hands and see what Whitney has in store for Cara and William. You can read Deceive Me in Ireland as a stand alone novel even though I advice you to read the previous one too before you start reading this novel.

Deceive Me in Ireland practically starts where What Happens in Ireland ended. Cara Barrow is flying from Melbourne to Dublin to be Kate's, her cousin, maid of honor at her wedding. On the plane she meets an mysterious and extremly good looking irish man named Patrick. Cara is scared to death of flying. With his cheeky irish charm, Patick, keeps distracting Cara until they land safely in Dublin. Later on, it turns out, Patrick has not been honest about himself. Patrick is no other than Jack's (Kate's husband to be) brother Wiliam. Back on the O' Reillys stud in Killarney Cara and William get to know each other. Their tension and attraction for each other is undeniable. Will this romance just be holiday fling or will their relationship turn into something serious? How can they manage it with Cara living at then end of the world?

I am a huge fan of Whitney's writing. I cannot point out enough what a talented writer Whitney is. Her writing is captivating, packed with lots of irish humour and sexyness.  

Unlike the first novel, which only was set in Ireland, Deceive Me In Ireland will brings us to Down Under to see Caras hometown. Whitney's descriptions of the places are perfect and the pace of her novel was sublime. It had me turning the pages over and over and over again to find out what was going to happen next. Having visited Ireland myself I have been to places Cara and William visit in this novel. I cannot tell you how much I loved the scene at Blarneys Castle! I love it that Whitney brings me back to places I love so much.

The main characters in this book developed incredibly well over the course of the book and as we found out more about their lives and their relationship, I began to see them as two complex characters who I honestly felt a connection with. I actually have to say that I love them more then Kate and William, if that's even possible. The narrative is divided into two sections: one from Cara’s point of view and one from Williams’s.

A little let down was that the ending was too sudden for me. I wished Whitney would have shown the read more of  Wiliams and Caras releationship developement between the ending and the epilogue.

Deceive Me in Ireland was a great addition in the series. I cannot for the next installment!

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