Cover Design #1 From London with Love

I am very excited to share something new on the blog with you today! In my apprenticeship as a media designer I learn how do design websites, posters, flyers, brouchers, catalouges and more. The theme of those are very limited. It's all about our company, advertising for apprenticeship or our products. In my free time I like to design something I love. There is nothing at the moment I love to do more: design book covers for chick lit or romance themeded books. Since I started blogging my dream to be become a book cover designer increases more and more.

The Cover design feature is not something I'll share with you weekly. It's a hobby which is very time consuming. I design them when I have time to work on new concepts for covers. I hope I can at least share one cover a moth with you.

Enough of talking. Here is the cover I recently designed. The title of this book is made up, even though I am quite sure there is a book out there named 'From London with Love'. I hope you are going to like it. Any comments, questions or advices are very welcome.

2 Kommentare:

  1. Looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing more covers.

  2. I love this cover, Isabell! You're so talented.


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