Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis

Name: Waiting For Prince Harry
Author: Aven Ellis
Format: kindle edition
Pages: 257
Release date: 2nd April 2014
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing


Twenty-four-year-old Kylie Reed has always been a rule follower. Organized and cautious to a fault, her dreams for life are often filed away for future use - when she has a house, when she meets her future husband, when she has been at her visual display job at a chic Dallas boutique longer... Kylie always has a reason for living her life in the future, not in the present, and not living her life to the fullest and reaching her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

The only exception to rules, of course, would be running away with Prince Harry - Kylie’s ideal man. A hot, fun ginger boy would be worth breaking all the rules for, of course. And Kylie is sure Harry just needs the right, centering woman to settle him down. But living in Dallas and not knowing Prince Harry make this a non-option.

Or does it?

Because when Kylie accidentally falls into the lap of a gorgeous ginger boy - yes, even more gorgeous than the real Prince Harry - all bets are off. Could this stranger be the one to show Kylie how to take a chance, to face her fears, and live in the present? And could this stranger be the Prince Harry she has been waiting for? Kylie’s life takes some unexpected twists and turns thanks to this chance encounter, and she knows her life will never be the same because of it...

My thoughts

I kindly received Waiting For Prince Harry in exchange of an honest review by the author.

I was excited to bits to receive this ARC copy. I've been eagerly waiting for this copy since I read Aven Ellis debut novel Connectivity which was such an enjoyable read. It was released in October last year. You can read my review about it here: http://bit.ly/1jnPcXS

Last saturday it was the day the ARC copies went out to the readers. When I finally got it on my kindle I could hardly put it down. I don't like to compare Connecticity to Waiting For Prince Harry because both of them are unique and so special but Waiting For Pince Harry tops it all! I loved it from the very first page on as I had to read a few chapters of Connectivity to get hooked of the story.
After a few chapters I was absolutely in love with the story. I laughed out loud, smiled and squealed. I've read in every free minute. On the bus on my way to work, lunch break, on my way home and more. I devoured this book the past two days.

The story is set in Dallas, Texas. Here we meet Kylie Reed at her brothers wedding reception doing a pop quiz on her iPhone and hiding from the other guests. She feels so out of place because she is different. She don't like partying. She enjoyes spening her day sewing and working on designs, also watching a good movie with takeout. Kylie is an artist working at Botique Dallas in Highland Park doing their visual displays. She dreams about becoming a fasion designer one day.

After an arranged dance of her mother to socialize her, she flees to the hotel bar where she literally falls into the lap of a gourgeous ginger boy and spills all her drink over his shirt. He was the most gogeous man she had ever seen. She always had a thing for ginger boys, especially Prince Harry.

They spent the evening together talking, flirting and feeling more and more connected to each other.
As they say their goodbyes, none of them dares to ask for the phone number so they go sperate ways into the Dallas night.

Harrison left no stone untunred to find Kylie. A few days later he is standing right in front of her in Botique Dallas. It turns out he is a professional hockey player, captain of Dallas Demons and the most eligible bachelors in Dallas.

Is Harrison Kylie's Prince Harry? Will she get to know the real Harrison not the the professional hockey player? Above all, can she deal with everything that brings to be with a celebrity? The paparazzis, be followed in public, the social media?

You can all find that out yourself on 2nd April. Official release date of Waiting for Prince Harry.

WHAT A BOOK! The book left a huge smile on my face when I turned around the last page.
What an incredible fresh, uplifting, funny and sexy story with plenty of feel-good moments.
To be honest, sometimes it was a bit too cheesy in my opinion but that dosen't change my rating.

What an great idea to start every chapter with a pop quiz question! This was unusual and a great change. Kylie is such a great heroin. Easy to relate to and very likeable. I fell in love with Harrison as much as Kylie did. Can I marry him please? Harrison is the perfect boyfriend and just too good to be true. He is full of love, so caring, understanding and protective. Thank you for creating another amazing pair of characters Aven. 

Thank you so much Aven for letting me be part of #TeamHarry. I cannot wait to read more of you!

5 cupcakes for Waiting For Prince Harry

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