The Park Bench Test by Sarah Lefebve

Name: The Park Bench Test
Author: Sarah Lefebve
Format: kindle edition
Release date: 12th September 2013
Publisher: HarperImpulse


How do you know when you’ve found Mr Right?

Aspiring journalist Becky Harper loves her boyfriend Alex, but she doesn’t think he’s Mr Right.

Her best friend Emma doesn’t believe in Mr Right – she’s just looking for a man who will stick around longer than her dad did.

Katie has found her Mr Right and is planning her September wedding with her two best friends.

Debut author Sarah Lefebve asked her own friends and family how they knew they had found the elusive Mr Right and then turned their honest – and often surprising – answers into this charming, emotional and downright funny romance about three friends and their search for Mr Right – if he even exists that is…

My thoughts

I kindly received The Park Bench Test in exchange of an honest review via Netgalley.

There comes a point in every woman's life when she starts wondering if every man she meets is Mr Right. Everybody wants to be with somebody. In fact, lots of people spend a large amount of time searching for that special someone to share the rest of their lives with. These days it can be hard to find the right person; we all live hectic lives and it isn't always easy to meet like-minded people but, once you have met someone, how do you know if they are "The One"?

If you're questioning whether you've found Mr. Right, reading The Park Bench Test might give you the answers you need.

Becky Harper, our heroine in The Park Bench Test, started to wonder how you knew he was Mr Right, at the age of 8, whilst holding Barbie & Ken's wedding with her friend Emma. Since then, and through various relationships, she's still looking for him.

Becky is in a long term relationship with her boyfriend Alex. When Katie, one of Becky’s best friends, is getting married Becky is questioning herself if Alex is her Mr Right. Alex wants so settle down and asks Becky to marry him. Becky surprisingly declines and decides she has to try and find the man she is sure will be Mr Right.

Becky works for a company named Penand Inc that sells pencils and pens. The money is good, she loves her work mates but it's not her dream job. The work is frustrating her and Becky longs to escape. Even though she had promise of a promotion she decides to quit her job. She moves from Leeds to London to stay with Katie and her husband Matt and takes a part time job whilst dreaming of becoming a full time writer.

Commissioned by “Love Life”, a popular women's magazine, to write an article on finding Mr Right and knowing that that is in fact who he is, she is on a mission. She starts interviewing people asking their point of views.

Can anybody answer Becky’s questions how to find Mr Right? Will she ever fall in love again and find her own Mr Right? Find out yourself.

The Park Bench Test is heart warming, romantic and funny story.

I liked the book from the beginning because the author started many of the chapters with love quotes. The epilogue was so sweet. Unfortunately after reading a few chapters I had to put the book down to read Paige Toons newest YA book. When I was getting back to the book, I was very struggling to get into the story again. It felt like a never ending story. It was a bit of a up and down for me. I was enjoying it most of the time but I think some parts could have been told quicker and didn’t need so many chapters that made it for me quite boring and I found myself a bit flying over the pages.

Overall I really liked the plot and the authors writing style. The story has good twists and turns. Becky is a great main character. She’s very loveable, funny, and smart. Just the classic chick lit heroine. The secondary characters are realistic and charming. Katie is a great best friend and supports Becky as much as she can. Emma, however, had a bit of an attitude problem, but then we all have that friend don't we? Together they make a lovely combo and it's fun to read when they're together.

The idea of interviewing people about what constitutes a true love, soul mate, Mr/Ms Right is great and I enjoyed reading them.
Have you met "The One" yet?

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