Announcing Carina Author Week

Today I am very excited to announce that from 10th October to 16th October, Dreaming With Open Eyes will be celebrating Carina Author Week, a week full of Reviews, Guest Posts, Author Interviews and Giveaways, all about published authors by Carina UK. Carina is a publisher whos books I enjoy reading immensely. It hasn’t taken me long to stumble over Carina when I started book blogging in 2014. I immediately fell in love with their books. This is why I decided to dedicate one week to bring you lots of posts, giveaways and more. I wanted to do a week like this for such a long time and I am so happy to finally doing it. I enjoyed preparing this week and I'm so happy that I've got so many amazing authors taking part! Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday 10th October

Tuesday 11th October

Wednesday 12th October

Thursday 13th October

Friday 14th October

Saturday 15th October

Sunday 16th October

Make sure you come back to Dreaming With Open Eyes next Monday for the celebartion. I have some fantastic interviews and guest posts lined up for you. Don't miss out your chance to win some fantastic books either!


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