You had me at Merlot: Part 2 by Lisa Dickenson

Name: You had me at Merlot: Part 2
Author: Lisa Dickenson
Format: ebook
Pages: 80 pages
Release date: 21st July 2014
Publisher: Sphere


It took some convincing for Elle to come away on this singles' holiday and now her MD has turned up! As the matchmaking activities begin, from blindfolded wine tasting to crushing grapes barefoot, Elle tries her best to enjoy herself but it's not easy with her boss around. Nor is it that easy when she's being set up with every man on the holiday. All in all, this isn't turning out to be the fun break Elle was hoping for. Thank goodness for Jamie, the vineyard owners' son - he's exactly the kind of company Elle needs right now because he's not interested in finding a partner either. So what if Jamie is delicious to look at and his dad thinks they're perfect for each other? They're just friends. Nothing more. And that's all there is to it . . .

My thoughts

You Had Me at Merlot was published in four parts during July and August.  

Release dates: Part 1 - 14th July, Part 2 - 21st July, Part 3 - 28th July, Part 4 - 4th August

You had me at Merlot: Part 2 begings where Part 1 left us. What would you think if you meet your boss on your single holiday? Elle had to face this terrific surprise when Donna appears on the screen. Let's see how much drama she will bring for us.

We find out more about the single holiday and the activities itself. From blindfolded wine tasting to crushing grapes barefoot. This is where guests will be matched up and have a chance to get to know each other better. The second part focuses more on Elle and Jamie, the vineyard owner's son. He just wants to make wine and help keep the family business going. Elle still claims not to be looking for a reletionship so Jamie is exacly the kind of company she needs, they become friends... or maybe just a little bit more than that? The group of guests are off on a day trip to Florence, a beautifull setting, which was my favourite part so far. Unfortunately I have never been there but loved to visit after Lisa's great descriptions.

The second part ends with a huge cliff hanger .... again! Lisa, you know how to write them! I want the next part right now! I can't wait to find out what happens next. This installment is just as good as the first. I really enjoyed this part, right from the start to end. The writing again is very gripping, laugh out funny, hilarious and has the ultimativ feel good factor. There is no better book to be taken away on holiday with.

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