Heath: A Family's Tale by Janet Fife-Yeomans

Name: Heath: A Family's Tale
Author: Janet Fife-Yeomans
Format: hardcover
Pages: 329
Release date: 1st January 2009
Publisher: Fall River Press


Heath Ledger was a superstar on the world stage, a gorgeous guy, a true romantic, a man who was dedicated to his craft and who loved a laugh. This is the definitive look at the real life of Heath Ledger from childhood to fully-fledged stardom, with exclusive personal insights from his family and friends, by an Australian journalist and author. This is an Australian story about the beginning of a legend.

My thoughts

I've read this book back in 2009. A friend bought me this as a gift because she knew I was a huge fan of Heath and his movies (and still am!). He was a brilliant actor and a beautiful person, inside and out. I was heart broken when I've found out he passed away. He was taken from us too soon.

For a Heath Leger Fan is this biography a must read. In my opinion this is a beautiful written biography about Heath and his life. A sensitively written life story. Heath's life is described very ccurately. His life, his career, his love life with its ups and its downs. It felt like I had really known him while I was reading this. I fell in love with Heath all over again. He seemed like an absolutely amazing man. A real genuine, one of a kind man. His family and friends must have been so proud of him.

I was pleasantly surprised. Even though the book begins, predictably, with his death; on the whole it celebrates his life rather than glorifies his death, and stays pretty much with the provable facts rather than conjecturing about exactly what Heath was feeling or doing around this time which was probably a wise decision considering that, in 2008, we mostly weren't even sure if his death was accidental or not.

I very enjoyed Janet Fife-Yeomans writing style. A drawback in my opinion is the subtitle of the book and what it implies. The history of the Ledger family is told in that way the author writes about an endless dispute between Heath's father and brothers which led to a rift after all. Now you ask yourself if this had an big impact to Heath’s life and particularly why should fans be interested in that? Let's face it, we're not all that interested in, right? I found it confusing and as much as I hate to admit it, slightly boring.

Overall, it was a good insight to Heath's life from the perspective of family and friends and a great read.

4 cupcakes for Heath: A Family's Tale

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