Guest Post by Carrie Stone: Why every Heroine should have a hot guy who adores her

Women’s Fiction: Why every Heroine should have a hot guy who adores her…..

I was dating a guy once - albeit very briefly - and he was the epitome of ‘bad boy’. He made Brad Pitt look ugly and Robert Downey Jr. seem a saint in comparison. This guy was sex on legs and didn’t he know it. But here was the problem… it was ALL about him. He was selfish, egotistical and mentally screwed up. Although that could be partly because of his cocaine addiction I suppose…

We’d make plans and he’d cancel. We’d chat and he’d suddenly leave me hanging mid-sentence. I would go to his house expecting the dinner that he’d said he’d cook for me… and would be lucky to get given a piece of toast. But I didn’t see any of this did I… of course not… because I was infatuated; obsessed with his good looks and charming personality. He could have done anything and I would have found an excuse for his behavior. In fact I did, all the time!

It’s only when we experience the above type of guy time after time that we begin to realize that we’re worth SO much more. No woman deserves to be treated disrespectfully or to feel thankful for the crumbs given to her by a certain type of man. A woman deserves to be treated with love, honesty and total admiration. And that’s just for starters…!

Every heroine in a book begins as a small seed of fantasy in the authors mind. This character is allowed to grow and develop in any way the creator sees fit. There are no boundaries or restrictions – only total freedom to give the heroine exactly what they deserve. And THAT is the reason why every heroine will be given a guy that truly adores her. Because just like in real life, every girl is seeking a guy that not only wholeheartedly loves her but makes her feel special and secure.

Being a ‘good guy’ doesn’t mean that he can’t also have the Hollywood looks and physique to accompany it. You can have the whole package. It certainly isn’t a fairytale only found in a book. Every girl just like every heroine, can expect to find her prince because he does exist….

Just remember, like in most women’s fiction, you might have to kiss a few ugly frogs along the way….

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Carrie was born and raised in London and the suburbs, but tired of the dreary weather and her permanently pale skin, has spent the last eight years living and working internationally. She currently resides in sunny Spain with her pre-packed suitcase - ready for upcoming adventures in far flung places!

She has just finished working on her third novel - Kate & Alf, available soon!

To find out more about her, visit her website

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